I remember like it was yesterday when I picked up my backpack, packed the most comfortable clothes along with my freshfoams from New Balance and took the risk of booking a bus ticket and said, “Lets do this!” It wasn’t something major nor daring, but it meant stepping outside my comfort zone. As I placed my footstep on the bus, I knew there was no turning back because for me it was a major step forward. You are probably thinking was I afraid of the road trip or travelling by myself, etc. Good guess but not quite it.Do not worry, I’ll give you the answer soon, I hope.

Frequently, we find solidarity in getting comfortable and settle for things in life which make us victims of society like lately being victims to the evolution of social media. Point being, we get too comfortable. We as humans are programmed or shall I say hard wired to do it because we are animals indeed. We need safety nets. Yet, to be great or be a part of the change, we have to be distinguished and address the challenges that come our way. We will have to act against our programming to truly succeed and find our greatness.

Let’s be great! Formidable!

C’est formidable. Voyons comment ça marche en pratique (That’s great. Let’s see how it works in actual practice).


What holds us back? That four letter “F” word! oh no-no-no…not that one! FEAR people FEAR. Fear has us handcuffed so we don’t get out of our comfort zone. It’s why people don’t start something new, start looking for a new job when they are miserable being stuck in the old one. Fear is why people stop looking for love when they have had broken or hurtful relationships. Its so bad because we let it overrule our mind, our thoughts and yes our actions. Fear is somethings that I’ve seen in many of my clients for a number of years. I’ll share five things I learned about letting go of fear and accepting the greatness.

1. Fears are fictional

How many times has it happened that people make New Year’s resolutions and stop following them a week in. You know what I’m talking about. Do you think that’s because we can’t achieve what we set out to do. Nope…it’s quite the opposite. Our brain tricks us into thinking that it’s impossible. We all have come up with excuse after excuse and sometime we keep falling into the trap over and over. It’s all false.

With mindful work, the likelihood of you succeeding is immense. Obstacles and hurdles can be overcome by working against them and training the brain to look beyond what is paralyzing your ability to be great.

2. Letting go of fear transforms you

At first, it may seem like so hard to face your fears head on but by constantly overlooking the hurdles, you will quickly learn you were in discomfort momentary, while making a huge transformation that will take you to a new horizon which you didn’t see yourself at before.

Although, it’s hard to break free from the cage of fear. The feeling is pretty similar to flying like a free bird. You have to be willing to be uncomfortable momentarily to beat the fear.

3. Challenging yourself leads to inspiring others

I’m not gonna lie challenges are though however, when you learn to deal with them you’ll realize you will push yourself more and people will see your achievement and be inspired by you and to do something as well. This year you might work at running for a 2.5K and may be next year you may run a 5K and in that you might feel great that it might inspire you to run a 1/2 marathon. People will want to know your secret and get motivated to be like you. All that just because you decided to get out of your comfort zone. It may seem tough or even impossible. However, once you go through it and deal with whatever life throws at you, you’ll realize how powerful you can become only by accepting the discomfort.

Eventually, the negative emotions disappear and you stay on track.

4. Don’t be afraid of fear

Embrace your pain, whether you are experiencing sadness, grief or loss. It is difficult but the mourning will heal you. Write down you feeling and go over them from time to time. Don’t be afraid to cry. Challenges make us appreciate the bliss life has to offer. So what you haven’t found love. So What? Keep trying and push yourself to embrace yourself and the whole you. Try to give yourself positive peep talk every morning and night and try something different and new each day. Don’t hinder yourself from believing and working toward meeting the right person. Also, pain doesn’t mean you are weak, it means you are a warrior.

Pain means experiencing loss, sadness, and grief. I always try to focus on a positive perspective and attitude and usually my problems don’t seem so bad after all.

5. Greatness comes by overcoming fear

Audrey Hepburn was not only known for her beauty and acting but also for inspiring others. She is quoted daily and one of her most quoted saying is, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself saysI’m possible‘!” The satisfaction of greatness comes from overcoming and self-improving. Over time, you’ll see you have achieved and accomplished what you were once scared of and now it seems like fear was nothing to be afraid of. If you believe in you so will the rest of the world. So let your greatness shine through and trust me you will be proud of your achievement and satisfied from within.

zps75e32458.pngIt’s great to be part of the changing future.

So what it meant for me to step on the bus and travel  was not the fear of travelling. I love to travel, go on road trip and vacations but my fear was going on a trip with just a backpack with comfy clothes and a pair of sneakers. It meant being comfortable in my own skin and not taking into factor society’s liking. I did it! I was not a fashionista, a shoeholic, a stylist. I was comfortable and it felt great. I enjoyed each day without worrying what matched and what didn’t and it felt great!


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